Party! Celebrating 5 Years of Artist Rooms!

Edie Sedgwick doing an arabesque in the National Gallery of Scotland at the 5th anniversary party for Artist Rooms
Edie Sedgwick doing an arabesque at the National Gallery of Scotland at the 5th anniversary party for Artist Rooms
Doing an arabesque at The National Gallery of Scotland at Artist Rooms’ 5-year Anniversary Party

National Gallery, Scotland, April 25 —

I went to a super-fun party last night! The awesome peeps ‏@ARTISTROOMS were celebrating 5 years of Artist Rooms! Congrats guys! And thanks for inviting me (actually the sent my invite to the wrong address but had my name on the guest list anyway! 🙂

Met many cool peeps like Anthony d’Offay, @FionaHyslop & @CreativeScots. Also got to meet the dashing Glyn Davis, instructor of Warhol MOOC!

Andy may have idolized celebrity, but his filmmaking was about as un-Hollywood as one can imagine. What would our world, our media, and our culture be like in some alternate reality where “Hollywood Filmmaking” never really took hold, and style was dominated by “Warhol Filmmaking”?

Thanks, Edie. This is a really interesting argument. But I think we need to acknowledge that Warhol was in thrall to Hollywood. And I wonder to what extent we can only understand his cinema as a riposte or challenge to the norms that had been established by Hollywood?

Then we decided we were getting a little pretentious for a party so we got drinks and danced.

Congratulations Art Rooms! You guys show amazing work and throw the best parties! How can you beat that!?

National Galleries Scotland / Artist Rooms

Edie Sedgwick doing an arabesque in the Sol LeWitt Artist Room
Couldn’t resist sneaking over to the Sol LeWitt Artist Room. Such a great party room to dance in! I guess LeWitt’s idea was to turn the whole world into his *factory!*

4 thoughts on “Party! Celebrating 5 Years of Artist Rooms!

  1. Ok, Edie.
    Art is, or often can be appropriation. Color and shape can be respresentations of the emotive sphere and they can depict movement. So according to this photo, an installation is “being-somewhere” and “feeling something”- so it says “I am Edie” as an actress, the thematic character is created to compliment the abstract- there is motif. So there are orgasms everywhere in the abstract ( fake or otherwise).
    But look deeply- it is not monochrome in that there is a dark shade to the hip contour, then tone values to the nylons, white dimension to the round calve. Maybe we can do some work with spatial planes sometime, I have a vague thing about perspectival points and how three point perspective is used in filmmaking- so the mural seems to be a pretend mural when the diagonal is used with the corner and you as a posed subject. The eroticism in the pose seems transcendent, more ethereal than the plasticity of the “mural”.
    Yeah, you’re right- Andy Warhol was almost Underground Cinema, or was he? We’re almost lucky to have him in his own celebrity genre. Jonas Mekas, maybe Stan Brackage, later Micheal Snow perhaps- I’m paying attention. Avaunt-Guard Cinema. Maybe Warhol embraced commercialism in a different way.

    Glad your “happening/life event” was a success.

    1. haha, I’m just wingin’ it Scott! I don’t have your skills! I’m just kind of doing a drunk walk down the jetway of life options. But yes, the Artist Rooms party was so fun! I wish you’d come with us. NEXT TIME!

      Thanks for all the great ideas Scott! I’m inspired!!

  2. Edie, I
    ‘m not being negative, but the background of this webpage is by Woo Press and the them is “Houston”. That’s ok, I do it myself on and and Basically, it an out of focus blurry photo that’s a little blunt in its distortion. But The value of soft-focus and and rack focus in film is that it show the interest of the shot in sharp focus.

    1. Blunt? That’s a cigar, right? Sometimes a cigar is just a blunt? Unless you mean Emily?

      Why don’t you contribute to Edie’s Farm Scott!? Whatever you like. Any of the ideas you care about. No requirements, just chime in when so inclined.

      If you’d like to be added as an “author” just give me an email. You can post it here in the comments, or you can email it to me:


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