Adventures w Paris & Sydney

Black and white photo of avatars in a circle

Black and white photo of avatars in a circle

Here’s a summary of key points from today’s meetup:

“Paris Avatar” and “Sydney Avatar”

You might write a short story or scene for them.
Or you might dress them. You can change anything you like about them.
Do a photo shoot with them.
Build them a house, space station, or whatever.
For the next 3 weeks we’ll have a look at what everyone else creates.
And see if one person inspires another.
So a photo might inspire some writing. Or visa versa. Similarly with avatar design and world building.

Q: Is this basically avatar timeshare?

A: Sort of, but as a writer for example, you wouldn’t necessarily have to log into their accounts at all, you might just write a story. But, let’s say, as a photographer, you might like to shoot a scene with them. As an “avatar designer” one might choose to play with their shapes / gender / clothing / etc. So you’d login obviously for that. As a writer you might only write a story on your wordprocessor and leave it at that. You could say we’re collaboratively creating the life, or story, of an avatar.

Q: Can we just walk around as Paris or Sydney?

A: Yes! In addition to Writing, Photography, Avatar Design & World Building, you could add “Public Art” or “Performance Art”, in that another way one might choose to participate could be less about “designing” or “writing”, you might choose simply to login as Paris or Sydney and “walk around for a while”. Rather than Writing or Sculpting their identity you could let it be derived from interactions with the campus community.

Q: What are Paris & Sydney’s genders?

A: The unisex names Paris & Sydney were chosen so that YOU could decide gender as another aspect of whatever stories you’d like to tell with them, or adventures you’d like to take with them.

Q: Can I build a house for them?

Q: Can I dress them?
Q: Can I interview them?
Q: Can I take photos of them?
Q: Can they hit on each other? Or anybody else?
A: Paris & Sydney can do anything (that’s not illegal, immoral, or mean) you like. You can login as them and do what you like. Or you can meetup with them and interact with them.


Q: Does “letting a friend sit at your keyboard” to type for Paris or Sydney violate the LL TOS?
A: We don’t think so.
“You may not sell, transfer or assign your Account or its contractual rights, licenses and obligations, to any third party without the prior written consent of Linden Lab.”

We don’t think this is anything like that. There’s no account selling or commerce or anything like that.

Q: What Next?

A: I’ve scheduled the class for 3 sundays after today, also at noon. Why don’t we just “play” with Paris & Sydney as much or as little

as each of us chooses and then on Sunday take a look at whatever’s happened or been created. If anyone writes short stories we can read them in class.

Q: Where do we post Pix & Words?

A: In our flickr group: (you can also “blog” on Flickr by writing an extended caption)

Q: Do Paris & Sydney have a studio at MU?

A: Yes! Paris & Sydney share the Nostradamus-23 studio. You can put up a Chair, House, Space Station, or whatever you like for them there.

Q: Will Paris & Sydney join us for class next week?

A: Absolutely!

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