Art Farm, Fall Session 1

a row of small houses facing a swirling vortex over the sea

Fall Session 1 at Art Farm begins on September 26. Our 4 new “Lands” will be:

  • Cafe SocietyMedia & Performance
  • Self-Service Art GalleriesExhibition
  • Jolly Pirate Books ‘n GrogRead like a pirate
  • Youth HostelGlobal Culture

Art Farm Calendar

  • Summer Session: August 1 – September 13
  • Fall Session 1: September 26 – November 8
  • Fall Session 2: November 21 – December 31

Thank You!

Today is the last day of Summer Session here at Art Farm! I can’t thank & congratulate all the many participants & facilitators (or “moms” as Emma calls them) enough for all the wonderful work you’ve done these past 6 weeks of Summer Session. Although Summer is now done, your work lives on in your own inventories, photos, blog posts, etc, and also in our Art Farm Flickr group. It’s never too late to join or add more pix:

You can claim any materials from the Art Farm Lands today, Sunday, or they’ll be carefully returned to you tomorrow.

Yes, The Farm / Campus will really be closed for 2 weeks! I encourage all student farmers to get off the farm for a while! Go see other sims! Take a break! Recharge your creative batteries! It’ll be exciting to see who chooses to join us on September 26 and what new creativity they bring. As always, everyone is welcome to participate at Art Farm. Just use the VB Friends group tag to rez. Unlimited prims! 😀

New Lands for Fall

And now a few words about our 4 New Lands for Fall Session 1:

grainy black-and-white newspaper photo of a giant ant crawling over buildings at Art Farm at LEA28
Them! by Kimika Ying

Cafe Society

Facilitated by Chic Aeon

An upscale coffee house. Interior with lots of details and props. European style outdoor cafe tables and chairs. The perimeter of the set has a cityscape inside and is phantom so that it can be entered anywhere but filming from the inside out through the windows is possible as well as outdoors with the cafe exterior. Some exterior props are there also so it looks good from both directions.

Make a short film. Or make a complete film within the confines of that set. On site screenings of completed projects. Produce a play. A cabaret. Audience sits on stage. Weekly machinima talks: production, workflow, storyboards versus free-flow process.

A shrouded figure against a checkerboard vortex
Thee and Guide Thee by Wilmer Nirvana

Self-Service Art Galleries

Facilitated by Elle Thorkveld

New work? Classic work? Grab a patch of land and set up your own Pop Up Gallery for all to see. Every 2 weeks we’ll clear the galleries and make room for more exhibits. A small intimate gallery. A large expansive gallery. Go ahead, this is your chance to be a prim hog! All media! 2D, 3D, 4D. New Media. Performance. Social Practice. Do it! Show it! Teach class! Mini Libraries with tutorials on anything on notecards, videos, scripts in boxes, etc.

artistic portrait of Trilby Minotaur in a color field
Trilby 05 by Pearl Grey

Jolly Pirate Books ‘n Grog

Facilitated by Trilby Minotaur

A Pirate Bookstore filled with books that haven’t been written yet. Write your own book. While Peg-Leg-Patricia plays the Hammond organ. Coffee, Rum, & Surrealism. An Internet Cafe where avatars can log into RL! Classes taught. Minds x-panded. Yo ho ho and a bottle of Proust! 3000 books to the galleon!

Oona, dressed in black, sits in front of a field of light bulbs, hanging against an orange background
Get It Girl: [Keke] Cluster of Bulbs by Oona Nostra

Youth Hostel

Facilitated by Vanessa Blaylock

It will be an actual hostel, where you can roll out your sleeping bag, pitch a tent, grab a shower, eat breakfast, socialize with other young avatar travelers from around the globe. The main focus will be a large world map and a big box of map tacks. Everyone who comes to visit is encouraged to take a tack and plant it on their country & city. We know our participants hail from many lands. This is our chance to visualize the richness of our diversity.

All images from the Art Farm Summer Session 2015 Flickr Group!

a row of small houses facing a swirling vortex over the sea
Boardwalk Anomaly by Neeva Torok

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  1. These are good choices for the four new lands. I am relieved to see that a Jolly Pirate stepped in to fill in for the first announced plan.

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