Summer Session – Day 1

photo of the School of Low Fidelity at Art Farm

Our new term at Art Farm Coop begins! Art Farm Coop aka The Medici University, College of Avatar Husbandry begins Summer Session today. Our 6-week term runs from August 1st to September 13. We have 4 exciting “Lands,” aka “Schools” where all avatar are welcome to participate.

The Art Farm vision is inspired by “last semester” (aka LEA AiR LG Round 8) at Medici University. A big philosophic change this time is that we’re not giving out Studios-Homes-Galleries the way MU did. That was great, but it led to a lot of people rezzing galleries and then leaving. At Art Farm it’s all about being present and participating!

The Rules

  1. No Skyboxes. You can fly, you can point-2-point teleport, the only restriction is No to Skyboxes. I really want everyone to share what they create right on ground level where everyone can see, share, and interact.
  2. Art Farm Coop will have a Creative Commons Non-Commercial license. No one but you can sell your work. However if you rez anything at Art Farm, or say anything in Local Chat, or VB Friends chat, then it’s fair game for anyone to post it. No asking for people to take down photos of the public space of Art Farm or transcripts of things publicly said.
  3. Be present. The focus of Art Farm is to be present. Yes, you can rez stuff in the “land” of your choice. You can work with others or on your own. But the focus is not on “having your space” but on being present. In order to participate in Art Farm Summer Session I ask that you commit to spending at least 1 hour per week at the farm, for each of the 6 weeks of summer session. Of course, you’re welcome to spend a lot more time on the farm! But if you can at least do 1 hour, I hope we can create a vibrant community.

Meet the Lands!

You are invited to participate at any (or all) of Art Farm’s 4 activity areas or “Lands” for Summer Session:

  • MUGA: Show art, see art, take class, teach class

  • Ward 81: Our tribute to Mary Ellen Mark who passed away in May, Ward 81 will be an open place to Live, to Hang Out, and also to, respectfully create photographic images of the people who spend part of their time here during the 6 weeks of Summer Session 2015. You might also find, create, or participate in Avatar Design, Fashion, and Dance here.

  • Babel Infocalypse: takes as its inspiration the many wonderful “towers” that Neeva created at Medici University last semester. BI might include towers or other sorts of creations. Large scale or small. Collaborative or individual. Come participate!

  • Low Fidelity: is a place for Machinima, Public Art, Performance Art, and World Design. Come play, interact, experience!

photo of MUGA installed at LEA28
Medici University Gallery of Art

MUGA (Medici University Gallery of Art)

  • Myra Wildmist, Chief Curator
  • Jade Ravenheart, Director of Education

From Myra:

The Medici University Gallery of Art is seeking visiting artists. We have 4 – 6 artist studios available and 150 prims for your art. I also need an artist for the official opening of MUGA. How would you like to fill a large gallery space with an installation? Now’s your chance. Interested? IM me and let’s talk.

From Jade:

With the opening of the Art Farm Coop I would like to announce two classes that will happen every week. There will be more classes that will be added as workshops through out the term, but these two will be regulars. Notes for both classes can be found in the card holder in the entrance on the table. IM me if you have any questions.

  • Tuesdays at 12pm SLT – Life Drawing
  • Thursdays at 8pm SLT – Observational Drawing
photo of Ward 81 residence area at LEA28
Ward 81

Ward 81

  • Oona Nostra, Facilitator

Hey VB Persons, there are currently 11 or 12 studio spaces about 12×12, left on the tree-y section of the Farm. Requirements are that you show up once a week and participate a lil. Nothing major. Just be here a little bit. Talk in VB Friends a bit, let us know you. Come and show us what you’re working on. Come and help mold whatever this second step is! Input welcomed! Or just come and do tai chi. 😛 Main part is, just come!

photo of the School of Low Fidelity at Art Farm
Low Fidelity

Low Fidelity

  • Newton, Facilitator

Dear Friends, You are invited to participate at Low Fidelity. Our first formal project-focused gathering will be on Sunday, August 9th. Please contact me with any questions. All the best, Newton

For the Low-Fi Virtual Performance track, we have two experienced artists from the Guerilla Burlesque Dance Troupe committed to doing seminars during the Summer Session. Aubreya Joszpe and Glori Maertens are wonderful performers – very interested in sharing their artistic vision and technique with interested virtual performance artists! The date and format of the first seminar with Aubreya and Glori will be announced by August 9th. It will be held during the Summer session, and subsequent seminars will be based on interest. Here are some clips displaying works with Aubrey and Glori:


Photo of the Babel Infocalypse "land" at Art Farm at LEA28
Babel Infocalypse

Babel Infocalypse

  • Neeva Torok, Facilitator

Babel Infocalypse is a place to build stuff. Really anybody could build anything here. Solo or Collaboratively. But we’re especially interested in big things! That’s why we’ve got over a full hectare of land and unlimited prims! There’s nothing quite like a 1,000 prim tower! Especially when you suddenly turn the whole thing physical. Give Neeva a shout or just come play. Like all the lands of Art Farm, the focus is on participation, not on rezzing a gallery of work and leaving. You can rez anything you want to work on at Babel Infocalypse, but if you leave it for a while and never come back, we’ll probably return it so others can create stuff.

10 thoughts on “Summer Session – Day 1

  1. We’re off an running. Come play, socialize, and create! On day 1 I heard there was an animal parade. We had a great social time around the campfire on Oona’s comfy couches. I stacked giant prime all over a quarter of the sim. Elle made a cool textured, scripted sculpture. We had a mystery guest who used to be someone else but now has a new avatar: Myra decorated the art gallery. Muse set up a photography studio. Mouse was in the house. Emma razzed a chair and table and looked like she is getting ready.

    To me it felt like the snow shifted and an avalanche of creativity, community, and good times is about to land on the sim.

    Tip: if you want something you Rez at the Farm to stay, be sure you have your VBFriends tag on. Anyone can Rez things without a tag, but those prism will get auto returned within an hour. Tag on, the prime stay, tag off, the prism auto return. Got it?

    1. Fantastic Neeva! Sounds like I need to setup a Flickr group for Art Farm! Haha, I won’t make poor Izzy’s mistake of making too many Flickr groups and confusing peeps, perhaps I’ll just make 1 for all of Ant Farm! Or maybe 1 for Summer Session and another one for fall? But we won’t do separate groups for each “Land,” even though that’d be sorta cool. Anyway, must document activities!

      Thank you Neeva! Thank you everyone!!! Thank you mystery guest who used to be someone else but now has a new avatar! 😀

  2. Auto correct share wants to change “Prim” to something else. It did that twice in my previous comment.

    1. Autocorrect is a frustrated artist that got stuck with massive debt earning an MFA and now only gets to work as a lowly paid arts administrator. So perhaps we should have a little sympathy for Autocorrect’s constant “artistic upgrades” to our intended communications.

  3. Drinking and Drawing 102 will start again Monday night and every Monday at 8PM SLT, if I get around to getting a space today or tomorrow.

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